A state of the art FREE outdoor Fitness Facility

for all ages & abilities

Did you know in Owyhee County

62% report having no access to exercise

34% of adults are obese

28% of adults aged 18 or older report participating

in no physical activity outside of work

Owyhee County is home to miles of beautiful trails for people to exercise outside but if you would like to do strength training this will be your solution. “A Fitness Court”

Having access to a free place where individuals can engage in physical activity will ultimately provide multiple benefits to community members.

Physical activity can improve brain health, weight management, reduce the risk of disease, and improve mental and emotional health.

Owyhee County residents, regardless of age or fitness level, will have the opportunity to improve their overall health and wellness.

How this would work you go to station and use your phone to download the QRL and it will tell you what exercise you can do at that station and how to do it.

This fitness court will be down by the Marsing School District office for everyone to use whenever you would like.


How can you get involved?

Donate or become a sponsor to make this a reality for Owyhee County.

Share about the project with local businesses, friends, and family.

Enjoy the fitness court when it is installed

Contact us for more information- [email protected] or [email protected].


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